Saturday, 28 February 2015

Networks Outreach Event, Oxford, Saturday, 14 March

I will be running a networks outreach event in the Mathematical Institute on Saturday 14 March. It will occur from 9:30 am until noon, and I could use some more volunteers to help me. Maybe some of you would be interested in joining in on this. We'll be interactively teaching some of the basics of networks to school students.

To get an idea of what we've done before, we described our efforts in this article. We also developed some teaching materials.

I know that the day after week 8 tends to be busy for many of you, but maybe some of you will be interested in helping out. Let me know if you are.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Classes and Consultation Sessions in Trinity Term

We have now determined the classes and consultation sessions for Trinity term.


[1] Monday, week 1, 15:00–16:30, room C1, tutor: Peter Grindrod, TA: Bo Fan

[2] Monday, week 1, 16:30–18:00, room C1, tutor: Peter Grindrod, TA: Bo Fan

[3] Friday, week 1, 10:00–11:30, room C5, tutor: Mason Porter, TA: Barbara Mahler

[4] Friday, week 1, 14:00–15:30, room C3, tutor: Mason Porter, TA: Se Wook Oh

Consultation Sessions:

[1] Tuesday, week 2 (5/5), 10:00–12:00, room C3, Mason Porter

[2] Friday, week 2 (8/5), 10:00–12:00, room C3, Mason Porter

[3] Monday, week 3 (11/5), 15:30–17:30, room C1, Peter Grindrod

[4] Tuesday, week 3 (12/5), 10:00–12:00, room C3, Mason Porter

[5] Wednesday, week 3 (13/5), 14:00–16:00, room C3, Mason Porter

[6] Monday, week 5 (25/5), 15:30–17:30, room C1, Peter Grindrod, week 5

Tentatively, I plan to go through the 2014 exam in consultation sessions 4 and 5.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Solution Sheet 1 is Posted

I have posted the solutions for the first problem sheet.

Update (2/15/15): I have posted a very slightly updated version of the solutions. I made two small changes: (1) most importantly, I added a note at the end of the relevant problem part to indicate explicitly that the diameter calculation for ER graphs is on the LCC (nodes on different network components have infinite distance between them); and (2) I replaced one "n" that should be "N" because I am using capital N for the number of nodes.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Homework Sheet 4 is Posted

I have now posted homework sheet 4.

Generating Functions!

If you want to read more about generating functions, this online book has a lot about them. (We will discuss generating functions in week 5, as we will use them for random graphs and then again when we study some dynamical processes on networks starting in week 7.)

Problem Sheet 3 is Posted

I have posted problem sheet 3.