Saturday, 1 March 2014

Slides Posted from Two of My Seminars

Once we get through the handwritten notes for Chapter 7 (which concerns "Dynamical Systems on Networks"), I'll plan on going through some slides from one of my talks on cascades and social influence on networks. I have now posted these slides among the course materials. I doubt I'll have time to go through all of them, but reading them should help cement your big-picture understanding about dynamical systems on networks (and it will help for some of the methodology as well).

I have also posted slides from one of my talks on multilayer community structure and functional brain networks. One person asked that I talk about networks from neuroscience in lecture. I don't think that I will get to this at all in lecture --- as I think the discussion of social influence on networks will be particularly helpful for Chapter 7 --- but it will provide that person with some thoughts on that topic and it will help cement your big-picture knowledge of Chapter 6 (so reading these slides is very much worthwhile, in my opinion). It also presents my view on multilayer networks --- which I hope will become the dominant view of the subject, given that I have written an ambitious review article that is trying to drive the entire field forward --- so it will be very helpful for that topic if you're interested in it.

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